Executive Committee

Chairperson: Elisabeth Ihse

The chairperson leads and is responsible for the work of the executive committee, acts as chairperson in the executive committee meetings, represents the BTA outwards and signs contracts after approval from the executive committee. A chairperson should not sit for more than two consecutive terms.

Email: chairperson@bridgetoafrica.se

General Secretary: Carolyn Glynn

The general secretary does the work of the chairperson whenever she/he is unavailable or unable, handles the association's mail, is responsible for the minutes of the meetings and other administrative issues and is responsible with the chairperson that members are notified of meetings.

Email: secretary@bridgetoafrica.se

Treasurer and Recruitment OfficerBalsam Haseeb 

The treasurer is the guardian of the association's economy, handles the association's financial transactions, is responsible with the chairperson for grant applications, is responsible for writing the association's yearly budget and economic book-keeping according to the Swedish law, handles membership fees and reports regularly to the executive committee about the association's economic situation. In her function as recruitment officer, she is also responsible for spreading information about BTA, recruiting members to the organisation, and keeping records of the organisation's members. 

Email: treasurer@bridgetoafrica.se

Fundraising Officer: Asnaketch Woldetensaye 

The fundraising officer is responsible, together with the chairperson, for designing fundraising strategies and for the planning and performing of short and long-term fundraising activities. 

Email: fundraising@bridgetoafrica.se

Project Coordinator: Rikard Landberg 

The project coordinator is responsible for coordinating projects under the umbrella of the organisation. Each of these projects is run by a project committee led by a project leader according to general guidelines set by the executive committee.

Email: projects@bridgetoafrica.se

External Relations Officer: Rabab Elkarib 

The external relations officer is responsible for the contacts of BTA with other independent bodies and organisations and works together with the project coordinator with partner organisations in negotiating and drafting project proposals.

Email: external-relations@bridgetoafrica.se

Reserve: Valeria Giandomenico 

The reserve is to be included in the executive committee upon resignation of any of the regular members of the executive committee.

Email: reserve@bridgetoafrica.se

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